Capoliveri beaches

The coastline all around Capoliveri is full of bays and mostly sandy beaches, making them especially suitable for children. Most are equipped with beach clubs of various sizes, small bars or restaurants for optimum comfort and convenience. Along the Costa dei Gabbiani you can still find a selection of wild beaches, where Nature will soothe your soul.

Here is a list of some of the beaches closest to the complex, some famous and some less well-known.

Madonna della Grazie Beach
Only 400 metres away, this is the nearest beach to the complex. Consisting of sand and pebbles, it keeps the characteristics of the island territory intact. The seabed is particularly fascinating, rich in rocks, nooks and crannies, marine fauna and flora, making it especially suitable for snorkelling.

Morcone Beach
Morcone, a bay with rich vegetation and clear, green sea, ideal for diving. The sand and fine shingle beach opens onto a broad horizon where the setting sun paints colours of unique beauty.

Pareti Beach
Pareti, facing towards the mysterious profile of Corsica and with Monte Calamita at its back, this strip of sand enjoys a fine view of Capo di Stella and the island's south-western coast.

Innamorata Beach
Innamorata, the last small area of free coastline before the start of the off-limits mining district. This splendid cove with its iron-ore sand is very popular for its clear waters, especially around the Gemini islands, which are within swimming distance.

Cannello Beach
One of the most beautiful in the mining area of Elba, Cannello beach is dominated by a landscape deeply influenced by mining. The beach, much loved by yachting enthusiasts, and flanked by other small beaches, is made up of pebbles in shades of black and white.

Barabarca Beach
Barabarca is a stunning sand and shingle beach with crystal-clear water, surrounded by lush vegetation reflected in the sea.

Zuccale Beach
Zuccale, a splendid sandy bay surrounded by maquis reaching almost down to the sea.

Lido Beach
Lido, easily accessible from the main road from Portoferraio to Porto Azzurro, even at peak season, this sandy beach is well organised with regard to amenities and places to eat.

Felciaio Beach
Felciaio, surrounded by an untamed natural landscape, this wonderful sand and gravel cove is popular for its quiet ambience. The unusual shape of the rocks that surround it give the impression of a real natural swimming-pool.

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